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JTG Stands for Global Intelligence

JTG enhances national security by providing their government clients and partners with some of the best personnel available to help mine actionable intelligence and achieve mission-critical success. As a woman-owned business headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, JTG specializes in mission support, intelligence and analysis. Government agencies and private partners alike have come to recognize JTG as a reliable source of intelligence experts and analysts with the multi-disciplinary knowledge and a cultural understanding needed to efficiently and successfully complete mission objectives. As any person in the field knows, human error and incompetence can be just as deadly as an IED itself. JTG personnel supporting our national security mission have been responsible for protecting the lives of all of us here at home, as well as those in the field.

JTG currently holds contracts with large defense companies operating in the US and overseas. There is a reason prime contractors have come to depend on JTG to fulfill their obligations with the intelligence community and defense-oriented government agencies: JTG’s transparency, accountability, and ability to provide competent men and women to help protect our nation and those serving us abroad. For rapid field response and effective project management, JTG employs proprietary language testing for tactical use and support for initiatives in national security, cyber security, counter-IED training, finance, politics, science and technology. JTG’s clients can depend on university-educated, security-cleared subject matter experts to mine, collect and analyze vital data through a cultural lens. Trained, tested, experienced professionals work in more than 130 languages.

JTG Provides Solutions

Unique to the US federal professional services industry, JTG provides clients with tangible solutions to their linguistic and technological predicaments, as opposed to simply fulfilling the small business requirement for a federal procurement. Building upon methodologies JTG has honed for more than 15 years (proprietary methodologies and productivity-enhancement tools such as Just-In-Time Localization and Translation User Quality Assessment Metrics), final products are indistinguishable from local, native documents, websites and software. For those commercial clients in need of superior business intelligence, JTG’s client-centric teams of translators, in-house engineers and linguists solve globalization and localization issues creatively and effectively.

Commercial clients can depend on JTG to lower cultural and technological market barriers, enabling them to profit from commercial activity throughout the world. From development to implementation to distribution, JTG’s capabilities span the entire product life cycle, accelerating time to market with cost-effective methodologies. For example, this high speed, high quality process can deliver a 100,000-word language product of technical material in less than a tenth of the time for a project of such scope. Customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, time-to-market and P&L are directly correlated to the successful management of language assets. JTG is committed to one goal: measurable client ROI.

JTG is Innovation

The defense and intelligence community forever changed after September 11th, 2001. Our national security demanded resources and tools the major government suppliers simply did not possess. They turned to innovators like JTG to find the skills and new processes now needed in a world whose focus had shifted so dramatically and suddenly to the Middle East. JTG has been essential in meeting that national security challenge over the past decade, and will continue to be a vital component of the constantly changing security landscape.

JTG is responsible for the creation and development of corpora (large, structured texts used for statistical/intelligence analysis and hypothesis testing) that focus on subject areas critical to our national security. JTG gathers and processes all this data through their meticulous, timely and refined methods, helping those on the front lines to avoid stepping on an undetected mine or misinterpret a statement while screening cyber security threats.

For more information, please contact Jeff Agnew or Laura Moen at
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JTG, inc. is a woman-owned business that supports homeland security, intelligence operations and global business. JTG enables companies and government agencies to achieve their mission by creating, collecting, analyzing and extracting multilingual information through mature and proven processes. For more information, please visit www.jtg-inc.com.

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